Strategic IT for Business Growth

SubjectData brings a combination of world-class consulting talent, intellectual capital and strategic relationships to help enterprises address any IT infrastructure business issue

IT Consulting & Advisory Services

With over 25 years of experience performing M&A related datacenter migrations the talented and experienced team at SubjectData has a long track record of delivering innovative technology solutions that help businesses grow and succeed.  We’re pleased to partner with companies large and small, in industries ranging from healthcare to private equity, and beyond.

At SubjectData, our consulting philosophy revolves around fully understanding your business, your objectives, and the particular challenges you face so that we can offer innovative technological solutions tailored to helping you grow your business and drive successes. Balancing business goals with technological demands is never easy. You need dedicated IT experts to assess your situation, design and implement elegant and cost-effective solutions, and provide essential support throughout the transition and beyond. SubjectData is the partner you’re looking for.


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IT Consulting


SubjectData is a premier consulting firm based in the DFW area focused on delivering world-class Security & Infrastructure consulting services. We build secure, scalable, and elegant technology architecture that is functional and effective. By helping our customers reach their goals and objectives, we will reach ours.

IT Due Diligence


Modern businesses that want to remain competitive have no choice but to integrate IT technologies, but this comes with no small amount of risk.  IT managed services that include due diligence are essential for companies that want to mitigate financial and legal risk factors, especially during mergers and acquisitions.   This process of comprehensive IT assessment covers IT inventory, databases, applications, support, security, and more in an effort to understand total IT costs, mitigate risks, increase efficiency, and benefit the bottom line.
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Professional Services


Our end-to-end professional services for larger companies, private equity firms, and more are designed to optimize and personalize IT systems.  We offer not only IT consulting to help you pinpoint custom solutions, but we design and implement systems to your satisfaction, with security, convenience, integration, and ongoing management in mind.  We also plan and manage migrations, assist with compliance, and work to improve performance where IT systems are concerned.   You have more important things to worry about than IT management, but you can’t afford to neglect this crucial component of your business.  Let the qualified professionals at SubjectData take the reins so you can focus on moving your business forward.

Cyber Security


A cybersecurity plan is not a one-and-done proposition.  The complex world of virtual security may start with expert cybersecurity consulting and implementation of advanced technologies, but the digital landscape is ever-changing, and companies must adapt to combat new threats.   SubjectData goes the extra mile by including ongoing cybersecurity as part of our slate of managed IT support services.  Our experienced team not only helps with technology upgrades, but also compliance, risk assessment, threat detection and mitigation, and more.

Managed IT


Comprehensive managed IT support involves so much more than merely monitoring networks and performing security updates.  At SubjectData, our goal is to deliver peace of mind for businesses large and small, starting with IT consulting to ensure you find the perfect technological solutions for your specific needs.   From there, we offer competitive on-site and remote services that ensure controlled access, ample security, and streamlined utility for your convenience.  With proactive support and regular reporting, we solve problems and deliver the outstanding customer support you deserve.

Virtual CISO


Not every company can afford to add a Chief Information Security Officer to their C-suite (if they even have one).  Unfortunately, IT has become such an integral part of modern business operations that businesses need an experienced professional to lead the way when it comes to implementing technologies, initiatives, and compliance efforts.   With a virtual CISO from SubjectData, you’ll gain all the benefits of having an experienced CISO working for your company without the overhead of hiring a full-time executive to advise you and take the lead on IT strategies.
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Datacenter and Cloud Migrations

We facilitate datacenter migrations for carve outs / mergers, cost savings, enhanced security and increase of efficiencies.

Business Strategy to IT Alignment

Technology is crucial in nearly every aspect of modern business operations, and you need IT consulting specialists that facilitate beneficial connections between IT systems and business strategies.

Project Management

SubjectData is PMI certified, proving competency and high standards when leading project teams.  Your satisfaction is always our top priority, which is why we’re committed to completing projects on time and under budget.

Data Protection and Business Continuity Planning

Cyber attacks are a vital concern in modern business operations, which is why we’re pleased to provide superior data protection measures and disaster recovery planning as part of our IT managed services.

Cyber Security Assessment and Penetration Testing

Independent auditing is among the best ways to identify and eliminate potential security threats.  The experts at SubjectData are more than qualified to perform this critical service on your behalf.

Aligning Your Business Strategy
and Managed IT Support

Whatever you have planned for the future of your business, you won’t get far without integrated IT solutions to pave the way.  With the right technological solutions, expert guidance, and a managed IT support partner dedicated to helping you realize your vision, you’ll gain competitive advantages and move quickly toward your goals.

  Accelerated business growth is possible when you approach technology as an investment designed to enable success, and the talented team at SubjectData helps you to connect the dots between IT solutions and business strategy.

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