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Contact Center as a Service

If you’re already on board with using SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), DaaS (Desktop as a Service), and other aaS solutions, you might think you’re full up.  However, these services are all designed to work for your company and your staff, improving efficiency and performance while cutting costs.  What about creating a better user experience for your customers?  Is there an aaS solution for that?

The answer is yes.  In this connected world, customers expect instant connectivity and comprehensive customer support, and this can be difficult to deliver if you rely on outdated methods for providing customer service.  If you want an efficient and effective solution designed to facilitate an outstanding customer experience, it’s time to partner with SubjectData to find the CCaaS service that’s right for you and your customers.

What is CCaaS?

Contact Center as a Service, or CCaaS, is a cloud-based solution for managing modern customer service concerns. Instead of maintaining an in-house team of customer service representatives, sitting at desks and waiting for the phone to ring, CCaaS leverages advanced hardware and software and optimizes processes to improve the customer experience, while adding automation and analytics to reduce waste and expense.

While you may still utilize a remote workforce for the purposes of answering live calls round-the-clock, you could also implement modern solutions like virtual assistants, IVR, and AI automation, as well as features like call routing, recording, and management that minimize the need for in-person assistance. The right CCaaS can help you to optimize labor and manage the volume of customer service requests, but you can also implement tracking and analytics to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Benefits of CCaaS

There are many benefits inherent to upgrading to CCaaS, but perhaps the most important is the ability to improve the customer experience. Your brand is only as strong as customer perception. Even if you offer exceptional products or services, a failure to manage customer satisfaction with outstanding support could tarnish your reputation, especially in this era of unparalleled social connectivity and access to peer review.

With CCaaS, you can better manage your resources and provide additional options for support, improving customer interactions with your brand, even as you increase efficiencies and reduce overhead. With the help of virtual assistants and AI solutions, you can provide needed support for your remote workforce, minimizing traffic and call length and improving outcomes.

More importantly, you can utilize tracking and analytics to manage calls (providing real-time data that can help customer service agents to resolve problems more quickly), as well as engage in customer experience mapping, from the moment they connect with your brand until they reach a resolution with customer service.

Finding the Right Vendors and Solutions

With so many CCaaS options springing up in the marketplace, finding the right solutions for your business can be a complicated and frustrating undertaking. At SubjectData, we have the expertise and expansive network to help you find the flexible, reliable, and secure solutions you seek. We’ll bring high-value partners to the table and help you to negotiate for the best solutions at the most competitive rates.

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