data center migration

end-to-end IT solutions for companies large and small

data center migration

At SubjectData, we’re pleased to offer end-to-end IT solutions for companies large and small, from IT consulting, to planning and integration, to managed IT, cyber security solutions, compliance assistance, and more.  When you’re in need of data center transformation or migration, we’re there to lead you through the process with custom strategies and solutions, ensuring a seamless transition and exceptional outcomes.

Whether you’re going through a merger, your company is expanding, or you simply want the most advanced solutions to increase efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness, we’ll take the time to assess your current capabilities and needs in order to develop the perfect solutions for your company.  What does our comprehensive data center migration service entail?

IT Audit

We can’t develop a personalized plan for your company until we understand your current capabilities, challenges, and needs. That’s why our process begins with an in-depth assessment of your current IT infrastructure, including assets and applications, users, and even forecasting for future needs. Not only will we analyze system data, but we’ll cooperate closely with knowledgeable professionals within your organization to ensure a full and complete understanding of your IT systems.

Project Proposal

Once our team has gathered all needed data, we’ll develop a custom strategy to help you meet your goals as you transition to a new IT environment. In some cases, you’ll need to upgrade IT assets or replace apps that aren’t delivering desired capabilities. You may want to considers SaaS, DaaS, or other cloud service options.

Our project proposal will be tailored to your specific needs so that we can develop a plan that helps you to improve efficiencies, curb costs, and smoothly transition to a new and improved environment. We want your data center migration to be a hassle-free process, which is why the planning phase is so important.

Infrastructure Development and Testing

SubjectData does so much more than analyze your IT, develop a data center migration plan, and then leave you holding the bag. We see your project through from beginning to end, taking full ownership of both planning and execution.

When we reach an agreement on the project proposal, the next step is to move right into building out the environment you’ll migrate to, complete with integration of hardware, software, and cloud technologies. From there, we’ll test the environment to ensure that networking, virtualization, and other needed technologies are working together as they should to deliver the computing solutions you rely on for safe and efficient business operations.


If all goes well with infrastructure development and testing, we’ll move ahead to the scheduled migration, a planned event that should go off without a hitch. Throughout the migration process, the seasoned professionals at SubjectData take great pains to minimize the impact to your staff and your operations. Our vigilant team carefully manages both physical and virtual aspects of your data center migration, with ongoing testing to make sure the transition is seamless and successful.

Final Steps and Ongoing Support

Once we’re sure everything is running smoothly, we’ll hand off controls to your team, and/or continue to support your organization with ongoing managed IT, cyber security, and other professional IT services. We’ll also help with follow-up tasks like disposition of assets and data no longer needed following migration. With SubjectData, you’ll enjoy the exceptional outcomes and peace of mind that only superior, end-to-end data center migration services deliver.

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