At SubjectData, our consulting philosophy revolves around fully understanding your business, your objectives, and the particular challenges you face so that we can offer innovative technological solutions tailored to helping you grow your business and drive successes. Balancing business goals with technological demands is never easy. You need dedicated IT experts to assess your situation, design and implement elegant and cost-effective solutions, and provide essential support throughout the transition and beyond. SubjectData is the partner you’re looking for.


With over 25 years of experience serving satisfied clients, we’ve learned that no two projects are alike, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering custom solutions tailored specifically to each client’s needs.  Our approach to designing IT solutions accounts for the intersection of people, processes, and technology, since all are integral to operational efficiency.

Pairing you with the perfect technologies and IT services isn’t just about finding the right equipment and software to accomplish your goals – it’s about understanding your company culture, your core values, and your existing processes in order to achieve a smooth transition and ultimately, more efficient operations.  Finding optimal IT solutions for your business is a complex and nuanced undertaking that requires collaboration and in-depth understanding of your organization.

The skilled consultants at SubjectData bring considerable knowledge and experience to the table, along with flexible and dynamic problem solving to ensure that your specific goals and challenges are addressed.  We do not rely on cookie-cutter solutions or a one-size-fits-all mentality.  We do, however, believe in an orderly process that ensures accountability and results.  When you partner with SubjectData, you can expect:

  • Clearly defined project objectives and deliverables
  • Comprehensive outline of project scope
  • Detailed and achievable milestones
  • Centralized project management
  • Rigorous reporting
  • Open communications

In addition, we adhere to an effective and proven Consulting Methodology to deliver custom solutions that ensure productive outcomes. Our process includes the following phases:

Phase 1: Assess

Our consulting process begins with an in-depth analysis of your company and your situation, including understanding your goals, challenges, and business processes, as well as performing an audit of existing IT systems.

Phase 2: Plan & Design

Once we have a full understanding of your assets and needs, we can create an actionable plan that focuses on business objectives and anticipated outcomes, including your specific requirements and essential performance metrics.

Phase 3: Verify

Before implementing any plan, we want to be certain it will work as expected and deliver successful outcomes. During the verification phase, we conduct system testing (in a secure test lab or pilot production environment) to pinpoint any potential problem areas and adjust as needed before finalizing the project design.

Phase 4: Implement

In order to minimize any business interruption, we collaborate closely with you to select the perfect time to implement upgrades to your system and bring it fully online.

Phase 5: Transition

Once your new system is up and running, and we’re sure it meets your approval, we’ll transition your operations, including data, user accounts, and more.

Phase 6: Support

In order to make your transition as seamless as possible, we’ll remain available following implementation to help with questions, concerns, and troubleshooting, whether you have an internal IT department, you work with a third-party specialist, or you’ve decided to partner with SubjectData for ongoing managed IT services.

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