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Some may think building out an in-house IT department is ideal, but many companies simply don’t have the resources to attract and retain top talent. When you partner with SubjectData, you’ll leverage custom solutions, tailored to your business needs, with superior IT support from a team of talented and experienced professionals. Our goal is to deliver the effective and efficient IT solutions you need to optimize your operations.

We’re more than just a strategic IT partner – we take the time to fully understand your organization’s challenges and goals so we can become a virtual extension of your team. From there, we can make strategic recommendations that solve existing problems and anticipate future needs, so you can seamlessly evolve and adapt to an ever-changing business environment.

At SubjectData, we pride ourselves on taking a proactive approach to manage your IT concerns. With a strong focus on security and performance, we improve existing infrastructure, conduct ongoing maintenance, suggest upgrades as needed, and monitor your systems and applications 24/7 for your safety and peace of mind. Our highly responsive team of IT specialists manage updates so your networks are always secured against the latest threats.

We provide best-in-class tools, along with frequent and comprehensive reporting so you always know where you stand, and we offer remote support for your convenience. You have so many demands on your time – the last thing you need is to worry about day-to-day IT operations. Our focus on remote management, automation, centralization, and monitoring allows you to turn your attention to the critical concerns of managing and growing your business.

In short, with innovative and versatile solutions designed for each client’s particular challenges and operational needs, we enable organizations to focus on their core business. Dedicated teams of IT experts at SubjectData are ready to meet and exceed your expectations by delivering top-level IT support with flexible, cost-effective options customized to fit your specific needs.


IT Service Desk

Your business can’t function without your critical IT systems. Get the consistent and reliable support your business needs with SubjectData’s Service Desk. Prevent costly downtime with 24x7x365 IT support coverage, access a wide array of proven experts and let SubjectData give you peace of mind while your internal IT team focuses on driving strategy and innovation.

Desktop Management

Our Managed Desktop solution ensure desktops are secured, managed, and patched. All infrastructure, software, management tools, and management efforts is included in the solution to ensure desktops are optimized, protected from Virus outbreaks, and patched on a monthly basis to certify compliance.

server management

Our Systems Engineering team is empowered with our intelligent monitoring engine - generating smarter, more actionable tickets. And, with the highly-skilled NOC team providing proactive problem resolution and maintenance tasks, your company is free to focus on growing your business.

Cybersecurity Management

Our managed services offering has options available to include the SIEM and artificial intelligence endpoint protection as-a-service and the associated management of solutions included within your tailored Managed IT program. If you already have a SIEM solution, we are able to provide SOC services with existing products in your environment.​​

Network Management

We become an extension of your IT staff. Get our comprehensive data and voice-management solutions, backed by our team of experts available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’ll support your expansion to new sites, bandwidth upgrades and equipment management any tasks that keep your team from supporting your core business. Stop losing sleep over your network. We’ll take care of it.​

Asset Management

Through our Asset Management service, SubjectData helps companies proactively assess and optimize their IT assets throughout their lifecycle. We monitor usage levels, assess regulatory compliance, and evaluate each asset’s overall integrity, thereby allowing organizations to gain control over the cost of their IT environment.

Managing software needs for your company can be expensive and time-consuming. With Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions from SubjectData, you can save time and money while enjoying a system that delivers increased security, performance, and flexibility, while reducing administrative overhead.

Our virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions offer the versatility to meet your specific operational needs through remote infrastructure, as well as the scalability to grow with your company effectively and efficiently.

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exceptional user experience

IT managed services are not a one-size-fits-all proposition, nor is this portion of your business a standalone faction. IT is an essential component of your business, integrated into every aspect of operations, from the infrastructure you rely on for daily operations, to the convenience and security of the end-user experience. At SubjectData, we partner with every client to learn the ins and outs of your operational needs, helping to improve security, productivity, and overall value, while eliminating waste. With a focus on long-term solutions and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, we deliver the positive outcomes you expect and the round-the-clock support you deserve.

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make the most of your it investment

Every aspect of your business must contribute to the greater goal in some way. When it comes to spending money on IT, you rely on technology for a myriad of operational needs, and you want partners who can identify and resolve issues and manage concerns related to infrastructure, communications, security, and more. By partnering with SubjectData, however, you stand to gain much more. We offer solutions that not only meet your every technological need but go above and beyond, helping to move business forward while improving productivity and minimizing disruption. With SubjectData as an extension of your team, we are able to leverage technology value that will further enable your business’s competitive advantage.


operational it expense management

You know how important superior IT management is, but as a responsible business owner, you also have to keep an eye on costs. We understand that many companies have budgetary constraints and we strive to deliver the value you seek at competitive rates. At SubjectData, we pride ourselves on saving you money even as we increase operational efficiencies in the following critical areas:

Software Licensing Agreements

Over time, your business may adopt all kinds of software solutions, each with its own software licensing agreement to cover acceptable use by your organization. It’s important to keep track of these licenses for several reasons, first and foremost being compliant.

In addition, however, you must inventory licenses to make sure you’re getting full use of the software you’re paying for, and that unused licenses aren’t costing you money. Licensing agreements may constitute ongoing costs (monthly or annually, for example), and you don’t want to leave money on the table.

SubjectData is happy to help you manage your software licensing agreements as part of our comprehensive suite of managed IT services. We’ll not only ensure that your organization is getting the greatest use value from software, but that you maintain security and remain compliant with user agreements.

why choose managed it

Technology seems to advance at an ever-accelerating pace, and many companies struggle to keep up. With expert managed services delivered by a team of IT specialists, you have the best opportunity to promote productivity, remain competitive, and save money along the way. When you partner with SubjectData, you’ll enjoy the custom, managed IT services and support you need, when you need them.

Contact us today at 214-623-5300 or fill out the form below for a no-cost assessment to determine how we can reduce your operational IT spend. We’ll outline a unique plan for refining your infrastructure and delivering annual savings.
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