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As a responsible business owner, you are no doubt well aware of the many virtual threats facing your company and your customers. Unfortunately, you simply may not have the resources to effectively combat the pervasive digital threats facing modern business operations. If you can’t afford full-time, in-house IT staff to deliver 24/7 coverage, how are you supposed to protect yourself against common threats like a data breach, malware, and other malicious activities?

SubjectData has the solution you need thanks to our unique SOC-as-a-Service offering, which provides advanced security technologies and round-the-clock system monitoring. It starts with assessing your system to find weaknesses and report on malicious activity. From there, we diligently monitor for anomalies that could constitute attacks and launch an immediate response to protect your system from harm. What, exactly, can you expect when you choose SubjectData’s SOC-as-a-Service solution?


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

SIEM monitoring is the basis of any effective security system, and our SOC-as-a-Service solution focuses on three key areas of potential attack: network, cloud, and endpoint log data. As part of our service, we’ll monitor these systems, search for threats, alert you of events, and provide reporting that delivers the details, analysis, and expert advice you need to recover and protect against future attacks.

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Threat Intelligence

Things move fast in our connected world, and top-notch security requires real-time monitoring from a network of intelligence partners to identify and neutralize threats. More importantly, we go the extra mile for you, utilizing sophisticated intel telemetry to proactively hunt for potential threats to your operations.


Intrusion Monitoring

The main purpose of security monitoring is to detect threats in the early stages so they can be addressed, stopping intruders in their tracks and minimizing risks for future attacks. This is a complex undertaking in a world where hackers often seem to be one step ahead of security provisions. This is why partnering with SubjectData for SOC-as-a-Service is so important. With real-time monitoring and advanced telemetry, we can pinpoint suspicious activity and malicious attacks, incorporating relevant data such as unauthorized TCP/UDP services, backdoor connections to C2 servers, and even connections to terrorist nations.


Breach Detection

Breaches occur because savvy attackers find ways around traditional defenses like firewalls and antivirus protections. By constantly monitoring for anomalies and suspicious activity, SubjectData identifies potential attacks, confirms threats, and deters intruders, thereby stopping breaches before damage can be done.


Alert Investigation and Recovery

When you receive an alert that a potential attack is underway, it’s only natural to panic, especially if you don’t have a dedicated IT staff and security experts on hand to deter attacks. With SOC-as-a-Service from SubjectData, we’ll immediately investigate alerts, create a ticket in your PSA system so you know exactly what’s happening, and keep you informed of the defense and recovery process for your peace of mind.


Advanced Malware Protection

Many companies already have malware protections in place, but when you partner with SubjectData for SOC-as-a-Service, you’ll gain a formidable backup defense system designed to detect and respond to malicious files, processes, tools, and so on. This prudent feature is just one more way we add value to our essential managed IT services, delivering the protections and convenience you expect at competitive rates.

Software Licensing Agreements

The programs your company relies on are subject to software licensing agreements, and each program will have its own rules about how products can be used.  In addition, licensors often include automatic rights as part of the software licensing agreement.  On the one hand, you need to comply with agreements in order to avoid legal and financial liability for misuse.  On the other hand, you must be aware of licensor rights in order to protect your own interests.


At SubjectData, your security is our top priority, which is why we’re pleased to offer software licensing agreement management as part of our managed IT and managed security services.  We’ll make sure that software is being utilized safely to minimize potential risks and liabilities. In addition, we track inventory to prevent the unnecessary expense of idle licenses that are costing you money and delivering no value.

Contact us to learn more about SubjectData’s advanced security technologies and around the clock monitoring services. 

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