Vendor Selection & Contract Negotiations

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Vendor Selection & Contract Negotiations

When it comes to finding the right IT solutions for your specific needs and challenges, you know where you’re starting from. You have a business need and you likely have a budget in mind. The next step is to find a vendor that can meet and exceed expectations, and then negotiate terms that won’t break the bank.

At SubjectData, we understand the difficulties of balancing business objectives against budgetary restrictions. We’re happy to help you reach your end goals by tapping into our extensive vendor network to match you up with suitable candidates, providing side-by-side comparisons of services, and negotiating for the best possible pricing so you can enjoy cost-effective solutions.

We can also help you to renegotiate existing contracts at better rates for ongoing services. After all, why should only new customers receive the best rates? As a loyal customer, we’ll help you to leverage established vendor relationships to negotiate lower rates moving forward.

IT Due Diligence

SubjectData can help you to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs in the following areas:

Our Process

At SubjectData, our unique consultation process always consists of six phases, including:

  • Assessment
  • Planning & Design
  • Verification
  • Implementation
  • Transition
  • Support

This process helps us to fully understand your particular situation so that we can create the unique solutions you require, ensure your approval before any plan is implemented, and then guide you through the process of transitioning to your new IT environment with ongoing support.  Your complete satisfaction is our top priority, and our comprehensive process paves the way for successful outcomes.

However, when it comes to finding the effective and affordable IT solutions you expect, SubjectData goes the extra mile, calling on our vast network of resources to match you with the right vendors and negotiate the best rates for services.  It starts with understanding your goals, challenges, and existing infrastructure so we can plan for the solutions that will best meet your requirements.

From there, we’ll conduct research to compile a list of appropriate vendors so we can bring them to the table to pitch you on products and services.  We’ll arrange for side-by-side comparisons so you have a clear view of available solutions from a variety of sources.  This process encourages vendors to compete for your business, delivering the greatest value at the most competitive rates, so you can select the options that best meet all of your needs (from both a functional and fiscal standpoint).

Even if you already partner with preferred vendors, we’re happy to help you renegotiate existing contracts.  You may have no intention of finding a new vendor offering a lower rate, but you can leverage competitive offers to secure the best possible rates from your preferred vendor.  With SubjectData by your side, you’ll always find the reliable and cost-effective IT solutions you expect and deserve.

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